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Personal and transparent homecare appointments for you or your loved one.

Ahora intends to revolutionize the way care is being delivered. We believe that you should be able to have care whenever you want it, deliverd by who you want it from. In order to achieve this, we strive for full transparancy and flexibility on our behalf.

Our Ahora Professionals

1) Find your Ahora Professional

If you Enter your zipcode and the caretype that you are looking for, we will carefully assess the best personal care for you. We will find someone who not only is available whenever it suits you, but someone who lives very close to your home, facilitating a smooth recurring relationship.

2) Register at Ahora

Once we have matched you with the ideal care professional for you, we will ask you to provide some details about yourself so we can schedule an appointment. We will ask the very minimum amount of information we need to inform our care professionals how and when to help you out.

3) Care without worries

By signing up for care through Ahora, you need not to worry about anything. Our rating systems guarantee quality. Our online platform enables full transparancy and flexibility regarding scheduling. And last but not least, safety is guaranteed through our insurance policy and the possibility of reviewing a care professional before you invite them to your home.

4) Evaluation & Feedback

In our quest to provide the best care in the country, we are always looking for ways to improve. Therefore, we will request feedback from you after a visit. However, no need to worry, if you do not wish to fill this out, that is completely fine with us too.

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For Clients:
Nieuw Galgenwaard 1
1234 UU - Utrecht
Phone: (+1) 1234 56789
Fax: (+1) 12 3456 78910
Email: hello@ahora.care
For Ahora Professionals:
Nieuw Galgenwaard 1
1234 UU - Utrecht
Phone: (+1) 1234 56789
Fax: (+1) 12 3456 78910
Email: professional@ahora.care

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